NECOPA 2013 at the University of Delaware

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NECOPA 2013 at the University of Delaware
November 1-2, 2013




Call for Panels, Papers, and Posters


The theme for NECoPA 2013 focuses on the emerging and enduring challenges facing public administration during a period of political and economic turmoil and great change as the transition to a global information society and open government continues.  We promise a stimulating and important conversation on the state of the profession.

These are challenging times to be in the public service.  Political and economic crises appear to be commonplace throughout the world. In the United States and in many parts of our global system, trust and confidence in government is endangered by a failure to deal effectively with public debt and funding for public programs is threatened. On the other hand, exciting developments such as the growth of transparency and open government, the rise of social media, involvement of citizens in government and the growing sophistication of performance management offer new and intriguing possibilities.

The responses of public administrators to the challenges and their success at pursuing the attractive possibilities will determine the state of the profession as time goes forth. This conference will serve to illuminate these myriad issues, and present innovative practices and approaches emerging in response to these real-life challenges.

We welcome academics, practitioners, and students to join us in Delaware in discussing various challenges facing public administration and search for strategies and solutions that may help address these challenges. Add your perspectives to our preliminary list below:


 ·         State and Local fiscal management in an Era of Economic retrenchment and the fiscal cliff

·         Government performance management

·         Challenges of  third party government

·         Value shift in our society – core values in an era of change

·         Changing political environment and policy development through social media

·         Globalization and public administration

·         Anti-government sentiment and image

·         Information Technology challenges and opportunities

·         Open Government and Transparency

·         Legislative mandates and executive implementation

·         Role of nonprofit organizations

·         Future of government –government bureaucracy in Information Age

·         Redefining social welfare – Preserving equality and fairness in a time of great income disparity
Proposals for papers, panels, presentations, and posters addressing these and other themes related to public administration – from both a practitioner and scholarly orientation – are also encouraged.  A panel is considered three or four related papers with an identified chair.For academics and students interested in submitting a paper, please provide by email attachment an abstract of your paper (250 word limit). Practitioners who have professional experience to share do not have to present a formal paper. However, please provide an indication of the content of your presentation.

Proposals should be submitted via email to (NECOPA2013@udel.edu) by May 20, 2013.  Accepted presentations will be notified by early June

Best paper awards will be presented to outstanding masters and doctoral students presenting at the conference.

For more information, contact: John McNutt, Ph.D., NECoPA 2013 Conference Chair at the email address above.

John G. McNutt,MSW, PhD, Professor
University of Delaware
298 Graham Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Voice:  302.831.0765
Fax 302.831.4425

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