8th Iberoamerican Academy Conference, São Paulo, Brazil

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8th Iberoamerican Academy Conference, São Paulo, Brazil
December 8th to December 10th, 2013
World in Transition: business, multiculturalism and society
Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo – EAESP – FGV

4. Public Administration

Track-chairs: AlketaPeci – EBAPE and Freddy Mariñez Navarro – Tecnologico de Monterrey

The Iberoamerican Academy of Management “Public Management” track focuses on governance, organization and management of both public administration and services, particularly highlighting their distinctive features in other management areas. Due to the theme of the conference – World in Transition – our call for papers will encourage research that explores the shifting borders of public administration as an academic field and its transformation over the last decade from a managerial focus to a Public Governance focus, characterized by public-private networks, citizen and nonprofit sector participation, co-production and stakeholder engagement, performance management, or other collaborative/contractual efforts, specifically highlighting how the Iberoamerican local contexts translate, adapt and are challenged by such shifts in the relations between State and Society. As usual, we welcome traditional themes of public administration such as: democracy, politics and public management; reforms and change in public sector, intergovernmental relations, multi-level governance, and intersectoriality; transparency, accountability, and e-government; agencification, privatization and outsourcing of public services; public policy cycles and analysis; leadership, motivation, entrepreneurship, decision-making or culture in public sector; functional areas of public management, such as accounting, control, or financial management; history and administrative traditions. The track supports a pluralistic paradigmatic and methodological approach to addressing such themes.


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