Campo de Públicas no CLADEA

Campo de Públicas no CLADEA

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Dear Henrique Heidtmann Neto,

Thank you for submitting a proposal to the 2013 CLADEA Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the theme Past, Present, and Future of Latin American Education and Research in Business and Public Administration in the Current Global Context”. Almost 400 of your peers were involved in the double blind review process and spent significant time and effort completing these reviews. We asked reviewers to undertake the extra effort to add review notes for authors and are pleased to report that the majority of the submissions have been provided with notes. Unfortunately not all reviewers provided review notes along with their decision. For their overall contribution to this 48th CLADEA meeting, these reviewers deserve our deepest appreciation.


Congratulations, we are very happy to inform you that the following proposal you submitted has been recommended for inclusion into the conference program.


Panel Henrique Heidtmann Neto


Magda de Lima Lúcio

Patricia Vendramini

Lindijane de Souza Bento Almeida

Éfrem de Aguiar Maranhão Filho

Kamila Pagel de Oliveira

Novos Contornos para o Ensino e a Pesquisa para os Cursos do Campo de Públicas no Brasil




Your proposal will be included in one of the panel sessions at the conference. Once the conference program schedule has been built, you will be informed when the session will take place.

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